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Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in MI?

Let our firm help you get rid of your debt!

Debt is a very real problem for people in Michigan and throughout the entire United States. While bankruptcy has been a somewhat taboo subject for many years, it is slowly becoming a more accepted way for people to get out of debt. The Cartwright Law Firm, PLLC strongly believes that Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of the best ways to achieve lasting financial freedom.

For over 40 years, our Detroit bankruptcy attorneys have worked tirelessly on behalf of indebted individuals and families to get them back on the right path, either through Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or another option. We can point you toward the most effective solution and create a strategy that keeps your valuable assets safe. Make today the day you put your debt behind you with the help of our results-driven firm.

What happens after I decide to file for Chapter 13?

A common misconception is that filing for bankruptcy causes you to lose significant assets, such as your home, your vehicles, and even your retirement funds. In most cases, this is far from the truth. Chapter 13 is beneficial because it allows qualified individuals to wipe out some of their debt, repay other portions, and exempt many of their valuables.

The most common debts you may have to repay include:

  • Mortgage debt
  • Property taxes
  • Car payments

Before officially filing, you are required to receive credit counseling from an approved agency. When all your paperwork is submitted, it's time to finalize your repayment plan. A repayment plan describes how much debt you're responsible for repaying and how exactly you plan to accomplish this. These plans usually give debtors between three and five years to meet the conditions.

Why wait? Our Detroit bankruptcy lawyers are here for you.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy sounds fairly simple because it is, but many debtors go without legal representation and suffer the consequences of an unfair repayment plan or forfeited assets. We want to make your case is as seamless as possible by taking care of the heavy lifting for you!

Our experience, combined with a uniquely compassionate approach, could be the advantage you need. We are committed to giving you the future you deserve and will fight for the best outcome in your case. Schedule your free consultation with The Cartwright Law Firm, PLLC today!

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