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Life after Bankruptcy

Detroit Bankruptcy Attorneys Guiding You Towards Financial Freedom

People get into debt for many reasons, including a divorce, making frequent and large purchases on high interest credit cards, an unexpected health care crisis and the loss of job. Unpaid bills will result in harassing phone calls from creditor, and legal actions such as lawsuits, repossession, wage garnishment and foreclosure.

Filing for bankruptcy can bring tremendous relief, and put an end to your creditor's efforts to recover the money they are owed. When considering bankruptcy, many people are afraid of what their life will be like once their petition has been approved. Bankruptcy myths often discourage them from taking advantage of this valuable legal remedy. Many times they are worried about their ability to rebuild their credit or are afraid they will lose all of their assets. Some people even believe that they can't qualify for bankruptcy if they have a job.

Restoring Your Credit

The truth is that most people in financial straits will be eligible to file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If you qualify for Chapter 7, many of your assets may end up being exempt from liquidation. As soon as your petition has been approved, you can also start rebuilding your credit. A lawyer can explain bankruptcy laws in more detail and give you accurate information regarding Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 qualifications and procedures. You can also get advice on how to improve your credit rating once your bankruptcy case has been concluded, such as:

  • Keeping current with any remaining bills and financial obligations
  • Acquiring a secured credit card
  • Building an emergency fund
  • Reviewing your credit report for mistakes on a regular basis.

The Cartwright Law Firm can answer any questions you have about bankruptcy, and help you make an informed decision regarding your financial situation. We have many years of experience helping clients eliminate their debts through bankruptcy and other means.

Get a Fresh Start in Life

Our firm knows that life can be a struggle when you are in financial trouble and unable to pay your bills. We care about the financial well-being of our clients, and can help you resolve your situation. The Detroit bankruptcy lawyers at our firm are skilled legal professionals that will protect your rights and help you overcome your current difficulties. We have a successful history of representation and service to clients in Detroit, Southfield and Pontiac.

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