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Looking for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Southfield, MI?

Bankruptcy – Not the End but a New Beginning

When debt becomes overwhelming, you may consider declaring chapter 7 bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy allows an individual to liquidate many of their assets, which can then be used to pay off much of their debt, leaving them mostly debt free after the process is complete. While this process can be completed alone, it is often more beneficial to obtain assistance from a chapter 7 attorney. Attorney Andrea Cartwright and her colleagues specialize in helping citizens of the Southfield, MI area with debt relief. They can help both with individual cases and corporate chapter 7 bankruptcy, depending on the need. With thousands of success stories behind them, they are prepared to help with your debt relief. Call today to receive your free consultation.

Declaring Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Generally speaking, declaring chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most beneficial when you have more debt than you’d reasonably be able to repay. Before declaring chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is a good idea to take a look at your existing debt. It may be beneficial to ask a lawyer for assistance in determining whether filing is right for you. Your lawyer can help you determine what debt can be discharged and what can’t, as well as let you know what assets may be exempt from liquidation. Additionally, they’ll help you make sure that you’re eligible to file.

If you decide to go through with the process, then you’ll need to fill out the required chapter 7 bankruptcy forms, a process that your attorney can assist with. Afterward, much of the work of liquidating your assets and contacting creditors will be handled by a court-appointed trustee. Your trustee will speak with you regarding your debt, likely inquiring about several bits of information on your form, including pay stubs, bank statements, and tax returns. Your personal responsibilities after that include taking credit courses in order to learn how to better manage your debt. After the process is completed, many of your debts will be discharged, meaning that you are no longer responsible for them.

Call Today to Speak to a Chapter 7 Attorney

Chapter 7 bankruptcy often seems intimidating to many individuals. For one, most aren’t excited about the prospect of liquidating their assets. For another, many fear damage being done to their credit score. However, the relief declaring chapter 7 bankruptcy can bring is undeniable. Additionally, while your credit score may take an initial hit, it can rebuild itself quickly; in fact, you may see improvement within the year.

A chapter 7 attorney from the Cartwright Law Firm can help you when you need assistance. Andrea Cartwright and her colleagues are debt relief experts that have been working in the field for more than 20 years. They can help any individuals in the following areas file for chapter 7 bankruptcy:
  • Detroit, MI
  • Southfield, MI
  • Oak Park, MI
  • Royal Oak, MI
The Cartwright Law Firm can provide both counsel and general legal representation for those who need it. Consider calling today to receive a free consultation.

Choose a Firm with a Concentration in Corporate Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Corporate chapter 7 bankruptcy is different from the standard type. Unlike when an individual files, corporations can no longer continue operation; they become debt-free by dissolving the company entirely. While this may seem daunting, there are certain circumstances under which a company might wish to file for this type of bankruptcy. For example, say a corporation is worried that creditors will try to pursue legal action to reclaim their debts. By declaring corporate chapter 7 bankruptcy, they can help mitigate this concern. This is because filing proves that the money truly is all going to the creditors to pay off debts, and not somewhere else. When done correctly, this can give a better sense of closure, and allow business owners to start fresh.

When you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to get a second opinion from a qualified lawyer. So, consider contacting the Cartwright Law Firm. Get your free consultation in Southfield, MI today.

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Bankruptcy – Not the End but a New Beginning


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